Media TV external USB capture device add-on for the MediaBOX

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This MediaTV capture device supports S-Video, composite and TV antenna Audio / Video input. Designed to work specifically with the MediaBOX-200.

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 MediaTV USB for the MediaBOX-200

The mediaTV USB is designed to work with our ultra small form factor mediaBOX-200 V2. It is a plug and play device so you don’t have to install any drivers or configure anything special in the SignageStudio to get Live TV into your presentation, when using the mediaBOX-200 V2.

With the mediaTV USB you can connect an audio / video input from composite (Audio / Video RCA),
S-Video as well as Antenna 75 Ohm input.
The device ships with both Antenna and the 2 in 1 dongle so you don’t need to buy anything else.

The mediaTV is powered by the AverMedia Center Windows Application and you can configure your preferred audio / video input prior to running it in the SignagePlayer. Checkout the video tutorial to learn more. The schematic to the right demonstrates the possible connection configuration.


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