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  • Freestyle Plan

    $99.00 / month
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    Freestyle Plan

    This plan is designed for the customer that wants to customize the layout of the screen, insert social media feed as Facebook, Instagram, Picassa, manage promotion, integrated dropbox folder, live TV or others contents available for this solution. You get access to the Industry Video Library, so you do not have to search and download videos. All this can be updated remotely using computer/tablet/phone by adding or removing files to a Google Drive folder.

    The plan requires a yearly subscription. Please contacts us to define your requirements and identify your media player before to buy!

    $99/mont only with an annual subscription. 30% discount on the second plan order (request the coupon codes after the first purchase)

    Don’t forget to select a MediaPlayer. Media Player recommended: MediaPlayer-200 or MediaPlayer-300

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    $99.00 / month
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    Startup Project 2h

    $250.00 $200.00
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    Startup Project 2h

    his service is required for the customers that buy “Custom Plan (sample: BikeShop-TV Custom Plan“). This service allows to analyses and defines the customer requirements, implement and deliver a draft solution and the final version. During this phase, the customer chooses the number of zones, TV resolution, and contents to integrate on Digital Signage Custom solution (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TV, Dropbox …). Then the customer has to make a subscription to a “Custom Plan” to delivery to the TV and maintain the solution.

    * Plase contact us before to select this service so we choose the best solution for you

    Duration of service: 2h (calculate only working hours excluding phone calls with customer

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    $250.00 $200.00